Testimonial: Creating Trust through Aftermarket Service Reporting

Testimonial: Creating Trust through Aftermarket Service Reporting: Tim Charlet

Fall 2020

Tim Charlet, Marketing Specialist at Ceramic Pro

Developing trust, whether with car owners or business partners is accomplished through transparency.  Those in the aftermarket automotive repair and service industry appreciate this reality and go above and beyond to establish trust with those who choose their business. Consumers return the favor by supporting businesses who provide added value to the services they purchase.

The CARFAX Car Care Program is the trusted platform that benefits both consumers and aftermarket automotive service providers. Automotive ceramic coating pioneers Ceramic Pro collaborated with CARFAX to create a data sharing partnership that helps document installation services, cover warranties, and provide their customers with peace of mind.

How Ceramic Pro & CARFAX Created an Industry Standard

Vehicle owners are increasingly paying attention to the overall condition of their daily drivers and precious collectible cars. This includes the protective products such as professionally-installed ceramic coatings and paint protection film.

The Appearance Protection Service Reporting feature was pioneered through a collaboration with CARFAX and Ceramic Pro Americas – a San Diego-based ceramic coating and PPF manufacturer that has more than 3,500 certified installers in North America.

Each of their protective solutions, whether it’s interior or exterior coatings or films, is backed by a warranty that is attached to the vehicle’s VIN – and thus is transferrable to future owners. This was a marketing hit for Ceramic Pro, but most importantly – helped to create trust with customers.

“When we collaborated with CARFAX to establish the Appearance Protection Reporting service, our goal was to provide added transparency and value to car owners choosing Ceramic Pro protective coatings,” noted Brett Benito, Vice President of Ceramic Pro. “The reporting not only documented that the vehicle continued to be warrantied but credited the auto salon completing the work.”

Essentially, the program likewise became an indirect marketing tool for Ceramic Pro’s 3,500 auto salons. Customers signed up to receive notifications are reminded via email when their scheduled Ceramic Pro maintenance is due – especially those who take advantage of the Car Care mobile app.

More importantly, it helped to provide Ceramic Pro customers with peace of mind, knowing that their aftermarket protective coatings and films were fully documented on their CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

How Automotive Service and Maintenance Providers Benefit

A major concern for today’s car owner is ensuring their vehicle services and repairs are fully documented, not only to protect factory warranties – but to improve resale value. This can be accomplished by submitting routine maintenance, service, and unexpected repairs to the CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

By submitting a vehicle’s oil changes, brake service, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance inspections to CARFAX, aftermarket service providers are rewarded with multiple benefits.

  • Helps develop trust with customers. Documenting automotive service with CARFAX helps improve transparency with car owners, which is crucial for creating trust.
  • Provides a marketing roadmap. When a vehicle shopper purchases a used vehicle, the CARFAX Report is reviewed by the potential buyer. When an oil and lube, brake, tire, and general mechanical facility is noted on the CARFAX Report, it educates consumers who they can depend on for continual service and maintenance in their area.
  • Reminds customers of upcoming service. The Car Care app includes an easy to navigate dashboard for vehicle owners to review their service records. They can also sign up for notifications that alert them to upcoming service.

Making the proactive choice to upload vehicle service records with CARFAX gives aftermarket service providers a slew of customer-focused benefits. But these benefits don’t end when the customer sells their vehicle.

As Ceramic Pro’s VP Benito concluded, “Our ceramic coating and paint protection film warranties are transferrable as each package is linked with the VIN. If the vehicle is sold, or relocated, the new owner can visit our website to determine which of our certified installation centers to bring their vehicle for scheduled maintenance in their area, or apply Ceramic Pro products on their new vehicle.”

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