Extra value you give to your customers on the CARFAX Report

Extra value you give to your customers on the CARFAX Report: Bonnie DeMay

Fall 2020

Bonnie DeMay, CARFAX Product Marketing

As a CARFAX Car Care service center, you know how important it is for your service records to be included on the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. It’s the perfect way to get free advertising for your shop and associate yourself with a trusted third party. But, do your customers know the value you are passing on to them as a Car Care service center?

Many customers expect to see services on the CARFAX report, but they may not fully understand the value it delivers back to them. When your customers ask if your shop appears on the CARFAX report, you can not only say “YES!” but you can also tell them about these three added benefits:

  1. Increased resale values: Vehicles with service records reported on the CARFAX Report have higher resale values according to the CARFAX History Based Value calculation.
  2. Service history follows the car: Car owners can see on the CARFAX Report where their car has been serviced in the past, giving them the option to take it to a shop that has experience with that car. For them, that’s added peace of mind, and for you that’s new business you might not have gotten otherwise.
  3. Service history at their fingertips: Service records also appear in the CARFAX Car Care app and website where your customers can easily review their complete service history and be alerted when their next service is due.

Take a look at this sample Vehicle History Report–a powerful tool that not only helps customers buy and sell used cars, but provides additional benefits for both you and your customers to help service and maintain vehicles.


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