Increase Revenue with Touchless Operations

Increase Revenue with Touchless Operations: Mark Varner

Summer 2020

Mark Varner, CARFAX Corporate Account Manager

As we continue to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and the many disruptions it has created, it is exciting to see vehicles getting back on the road!  Now is the time to realize customer behavior will be different and they will expect a higher level of service from your shop.  Due to the economic uncertainties that lie ahead, it’s likely consumers will retain their cars longer, requiring more frequent service visits to keep them running smoothly.

Engaging in “customer consultations” will be key to the success of the aftermarket industry recovery.  Did you know that CARFAX has free tools to help with these conversations that can streamline the check-in process, as well as identify services that previously went unperformed? With the CARFAX Service History Check tool, service advisors can provide valuable insights of a vehicles prior service history from over 100k data sources. The best part is this can all be done over the phone, before a vehicle arrives at your shop allowing your service advisors the opportunity to recommend additional services with confidence.  Consumers know and trust CARFAX, leveraging our brand and data helps shops run efficiently, become more profitable, and build better customer loyalty. Best of all, these services are free to all Car Care Service Shops.

Take a look at the image below to further consider if you are prepared for the new wave of customer expectations. As outlined in the image below, by partnering with CARFAX, you can proactively alleviate consumer concerns and address their needs all while increasing your bottom line with confidence.


Carfox with Mobile Phone