Testimonial: Work Faster and Smarter

Testimonial: Work Faster and Smarter: Testimonial: Work Faster and Smarter Bonnie DeMay

Spring 2021

Bonnie DeMay, CARFAX Product Marketing

Hear how shops like you use the CARFAX Car Care tools, included at no extra charge. Chris Burr, Senior Manager of 8 Wiygul Automotive Clinics in the Northern Virginia area shares his thoughts on how CARFAX is helping his service center work faster and smarter with CARFAX QuickVIN and the CARFAX Service History Check. Here are just a few of the benefits his team is realizing, watch the video to learn more! 

  • Enhance the customer experience with plate to VIN lookup 
  • Access to accurate vehicle information 
  • Provide better estimates and make fewer mistakes 

How is your shop leveraging the CARFAX Car Care Tools?  

Watch Video:  

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