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Top 5 Best Practices to Handle your Customer Reviews

Top 5 Best Practices to Handle your Customer Reviews: Julie Richards

Fall 2020

Julie Richards, CARFAX Customer Marketing

Most consumers understand that it’s not possible to be perfect. They’re more interested in seeing how you respond to criticism.

Listen and Empathize:

Acknowledge the customer’s point of view.

Provide Explanations, Not Excuses:

Address the customer’s main concerns and explain why the issue occurred.

Offer a Proactive Solution:

Show that you’ve put some thought into the problem and offer a way that you can fix it.

Take the Conversation Offline:

Provide the customer with a way to contact someone such as a customer service manager that can follow up on the situation until it is resolved.

Actively Monitor and Respond to Negative Reviews:

Monitor you reviews so you can quickly respond to concerns, then leverage the feedback to improve the customer experience.


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