Video: CARFAX QuickVIN

Video: CARFAX QuickVIN: Video: CARFAX QuickVIN Bonnie DeMay

Fall 2021

Bonnie DeMay, CARFAX Product Marketing

VINs are long. Stop typing them out.

Long VINs are such a hassle, they’re often mistyped or entered incorrectly and service writers many times need to leave their check-in desk to collect the VIN.

Wouldn’t you rather check in a new customer with a license plate instead of a 17 digit VIN? CARFAX QuickVIN is a simple tool that saves time and improves operations. Users simply enter a license plate and state then CARFAX QuickVIN instantly decodes the VIN. It’s FREE for service shops and is integrated with most Shop Management Systems (SMS).  Better yet, QuickVIN can return more than just the VIN. Depending on your SMS you can also access other vehicle specific details like year/make/model, engine size, oil capacity, and ACES codes.  Start using QuickVIN for more accurate parts look up and reduce the number of incorrect parts installed or returned.

Say goodbye to 17 digits!

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