Word of Mouth is King…and Service History Check Delivers

Word of Mouth is King…and Service History Check Delivers: Word of Mouth is King…and Service History Check Delivers Diana Adkins

Spring 2021

Diana Adkins, CARFAX Service Marketing

Did you know CARFAX Car Care gives you access to the service history of any vehicleeven for vehicles that have never been to your shop? CARFAX Service History Check, one of several benefits of the Car Care program, puts the power of the CARFAX brand and data right at your fingertips.   

Access to this data turns the experience between you and your customer into a consultative discussion. By referencing your customers service vehicle history, you can make personalized recommendations while also suggesting routine maintenance increasing the total value of your RO and maximizing your time under the hood 

For example, a customer comes in for an oil change. You review the service history check and see that a coolant flush hasn’t been performed in the past few years by any of the 65,000 shops and dealerships reporting to CARFAX nationwide. You say something like, “per CARFAX and your vehicle’s manufacturer, your car needs a coolant flush today. Fresh coolant will keep your radiator from clogging which can be a costly repair down the line.” This recommendation comes backed by a trusted 3rd party, CARFAX, and shows you have your customer’s best interest in mind.  

You can also avoid recommending previously performed service work and make better recommendations with service history check. Case in point, a customer comes in complaining that their brake pedal is getting soft and thinks something is wrong with their brakes. A quick service history check shows the brake fluid wasn’t replaced when they received a recent brake pad replacement. You recommend a full flush to the customer and casually mention you know they just got new brake pads. This shows the customer you’re not trying to bill for unnecessary work and are the “in the know” for all their service needs. 

Service history check helps you become and stay a trusted advisor with the most information available on every car that comes through your lane.  Since word of mouth is king when it comes to reliable service, your happy customer is sure to refer friends and family. 

With CARFAX Service History Check you’ll: 

  • Give better estimates 
  • Make better service recommendations 
  • Build customer confidence 
  • Increase average repair order value 
  • Drive repeat and referral business 

This unique benefit is free with your CARFAX Car Care program and supported by most Shop Management Systems. Make sure your service technicians are utilizing this benefit today 

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