Your service records make a difference!

Your service records make a difference!: Your service records make a difference! Bonnie DeMay

Fall 2021

Bonnie DeMay, CARFAX Product Marketing

A CARFAX Report gets its value from the information and data it contains. When the vehicle history includes service records, consumers and car buyers have more insight to make better decisions about the vehicles they wish to purchase.

By including service records as part of the vehicle history, you are doing right by your current customers to give them (and you) credit for work performed. You also draw in new customers. With your shop name appearing multiple times on the CARFAX Report next to each set of service records you shine a light on your shop in the best way possible.

Transparency of service work performed
Partnership with the trusted CARFAX brand
Free advertising to millions

There are over 450M Carfax reports run every year which version of the report would you rather see? Slide the arrows below, to see how your service records appear on the CARFAX Report.

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